Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are two celebrated automotive names that are certainly worthy of all the acclaim. Either car would have no trouble making itself right at home on Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey area roads.

In order to give you a hand in deciding which of these impressive cars makes the most sense for your priorities and sensibilities, the folks here at Faulkner Honda have drawn up this Honda Civic vs. Toyota Camry comparison. We encourage you to take your time perusing through the following information so you can see firsthand how each one lines up to the other.

Civic vs Camry: Interior Comfort

Honda CivicBoth the Civic and the Camry easily seat five and have spacious and convenient interiors that allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride whether you’re carpooling, taking a trip with the family, or running errands.

The matter of cargo volume adds to the potential comfort within both cars’ interiors because a spacious cargo volume gives you plenty of room for luggage, shopping bags, and anything else you might need the space for while continuing to give everyone onboard plenty of room. The standard cargo volume in the Honda Civic is 15.1 cubic feet while the Toyota Camry offers a standard 14.1 cubic feet and is available at 15.1 cubic feet.

In the Civic, you and your front seat passenger are afforded 39.3 inches of headroom and 42.3 inches of legroom. The Camry offers 37.5 inches of headroom and 42.1 inches of legroom in the front seats. The Civic appears to provide the front row occupants with a bit more room in which to get comfortable.

Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry: Overall Size

Honda CivicThe overall size of a vehicle is a pretty important factor to consider. A car’s size easily influences the way it handles. Examining the Civic and the Camry with this in mind can do a lot to help you decide which one offers the better option.

The Civic is 182.3 inches in length, 55.74 inches high, and 70.8 inches wide. It also has a wheelbase of 106.3 inches. The wheelbase on the Camry is 111.2 inches, its overall length is 192.7 inches, it’s 56.9 inches high, and 72.4 inches wide. These exterior measurements prove the Civic to be the more compact of the two cars. This is a definite advantage for the Civic because this gives you more control when corning those tight curves in town.

Honda Civic vs Toyota Camry: The Decision

While both cars have many impressive characteristics that help each one outshine much of the competition, the above Honda Civic vs. Toyota Camry comparison makes it clear that the Civic comes out on top when both are given a closer examination and viewed together. It accomplishes this through its interior comfort and overall size.

If you’re interested in seeing how the Honda Civic performs on the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Hershey roads, contact us here at Faulkner Honda to schedule your test drive today.